Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jamestown With Mimi & Baba

My mom & dad got to make a trip out here last week for Lorien's baptism.  We have been counting down the days until they arrived since it feels like an eternity since we saw them last.

I promised them I'd take them to the Jamestown Settlement Museum as soon as they got here.  They were SO excited.  Of course after a week of weather in the high 60's & low 70's, the week they come we have freezing temperatures with SNOW.  We still braved it & had fun bundled up in the Powhatan Village, the Jamestown Fort, & the big ships.

The kids sure love this cannon at the fort.  Taya loves dressing
up like a Jamestown guard.

The boys love the ships.  They could run around those boats
all day if I'd let them.

We had a blast.  We spent a good 2 1/2 hours there & had a wonderful lunch in the little cafe there at the museum.  It was a nice day spent with my mommy & my daddy.

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