Thursday, March 28, 2013

Piercing Ears

The rule in our house is that when you turn 8 years old you can decide whether or not you want to get your ears pierced.  Lorien has been waiting FOREVER for this day.  She's been begging for it since she saw Cadence gets hers done 2 years ago.  Well, Lorien turned 8 in February & decided she wanted pierced ears too.  Being the sweetie that she is, she wanted to wait for my parents to get here to do it so they could be there with her for this special moment.

She was SO anxious & ready to get it done.  I don't think she took the time to think about the fact that it might actually HURT a little bit.  She's so funny like that.

But she was SUPER brave.  The first ear didn't bother her at all.  She said she hardly felt anything, but the 2nd ear wasn't as nice.  For some reason there is always ONE that doesn't want to be easy.  She didn't really cry, but the sweet look on her face after that second ear just tore my heart to shreds.  I hate seeing my kids in any kind of pain or suffering.  You could tell she was near tears, but she held her own very well & put on a brave face for everyone.

She was REALLY excited to learn how to clean her earrings & ears all by herself.  She's always been my independent child so she was happy to learn & be in control.

She chose adorable white gold flower earrings with blue cubic zirconia stones as petals.  They were beautiful.  After she was all done, she got up, held my hand & took me to the back of the store & hugged me while she cried on my shoulder.  She didn't want anybody to see her.  It was the sweetest moment of my life.  I just held her close & told her how brave she was & how beautiful she looked.  I love mother/daughter moments like that.

Well, after we were all done, my mom jumped into the piercing chair & surprised us all by getting
She had her ears pierced once way way way back when I was a baby, but she was allergic to earrings & let her holes grow over.  Now, after all she's been through over the last year with the hospital, surgeries, & medications she's been on, she's finding she's not allergic to the many things she was allergic to before the medical mess happened.  So she decided to give earrings another try.  She got pretty white diamonds in her ears.  So far - no itching.  It's amazing what her body is doing right now.  It's like morphing into a totally different body than she had before.  I was excited for her.  She's always envied people who could wear earrings.  I hope it all works out in the end.

Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin gave Lorien a Claire's gift card for her 8th birthday so she picked out a cute set of multi-colored rose shaped earrings to wear after 6 weeks.  She's excited.

It was really fun that Mimi & Baba could be here for such a neat experience in Lorien's life.  We all had a great time.

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