Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Note to self:

I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but holy cow!  Can we say exhaustion?
We moved from our rental home in VA to the NEW HOUSE that we just bought, painted, & re-carpeted in March.  It's all so exciting.

The boys were sure excited to move.

After all the moving excitement, Trek had to run to a ward member's house to practice singing for the Easter program so I stayed home with the kiddos & colored Easter Eggs.  Luckily I spent all of last week unpacking the kitchen so I would be ready to go when we got into the new house.  The kids LOVE coloring eggs so we had a blast.

I swear these two start looking more & more alike every day.
Partners in crime 100% of the time.

Poor Craiger didn't get a nap because of all the moving & he was just plain exhausted.

After we colored eggs, I baked up some sugar cookies & we spent some time decorating them for the Easter Bunny.

I think we made plenty.  Poor Easter Bunny is going to be HUGE
after eating ALL THESE COOKIES.

After all the colorful fun we opened up some Easter gifts from my friend Nancy.  She gave each of the girls little bunny boxes with gemstone necklaces inside.

Then I let the kids open up their Easter surprise from Opa & Oma.  They had a blast with the stickers & the chocolate bunnies.  YUM.

Poor Craiger never made it to the gift point.  He found my memory foam mattress on the floor & just passed out from exhaustion.  Even when I tried to stir him with the chocolate bunny, he kept on snoring.  Poor kid.

When it was time for bed, the girls started to panic that maybe the Easter Bunny wouldn't know that we moved.  They were so WORRIED he would leave baskets at our rental house instead of our new house.  I told them we'd just have to wait & see.

Thank heavens the Easter Bunny was on the ball & delivered right where he was supposed to.  There were 5 beautiful little baskets in the living room waiting for each of the kids when they woke up Sunday morning.

Bladen's Basket

Craiger's Basket

Taya's Basket

Lorien's Basket

Cadence's Basket

Oh my goodness.  Look at these ADORABLE
Darth Vader eggs the Easter Bunny hid all around
the house.

There were eggs EVERYWHERE!  Up the stairs,
in boxes, in the couch, etc.  The kids had a blast
finding them all.

Looking over the balcony upstairs to see if the Easter Bunny
came to the right house.

Craiger LOVED the egg hunt.  He thought that
was the coolest thing ever.

Happy Kids

The Easter Bunny even left cookies for each member of our family.

The kids couldn't wait to go to church to show off their new beautiful Easter clothes.  I was totally bummed because I got lucky & got the flu so I was puking ALL NIGHT LONG so I didn't get to go to church with my family.  I threw up for 36 hours straight.  It was awful.  I didn't get to hear my kids sing "Gethsemane"or hear Trek sing "He is Risen."  And worst of all, I was supposed to be playing my viola for the congregation, but couldn't do that either.  It was SO SAD.  I wanted to be there more than anything, but it was good I stayed home so I didn't get anyone else sick.  It really makes me grateful for health.  I really don't get sick very often so sometimes it is good for me to be sick so I can appreciate all those times I'm healthy.

The kids looked amazing though.  These girls of mine are GORGEOUS.  I'm SO lucky to be their mommy.  They are such good girls & so beautiful & fun & sweet.  I love them so much.

And what about those STUDLY boys of mine.  Aren't they adorable?  These kids make my life complete.  I love them all so much.

Easter was a beautiful day (even if I was throwing up for almost all of it).  It was a reminder of my undying testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ & what he did for us so we can live forever with our Heavenly Father & with our families.


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