Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break - Day 2: OUTSIDE DAY

So now that the toy room is all clean & unpacked & organized, we got to do one of our themed days today for Day 2 of Spring Break.  Today was

The sun was shining & the sky was blue.  How could we NOT spend the entire day outside?  The first thing we did was break out the sidewalk chalk.  I saw an idea on Pintrest the other day where people drew funny scenes on the sidewalk & then posed in the scenes.  The kids thought that was a hilarious idea so we spent a good hour drawing & posing to our hearts content.  The pics turned out adorable.

Then of course we broke out the bubbles from the Easter Bunny.  My kids LOVE bubbles & again we spent an entire HOUR blowing bubbles in the sunshine.

By now it was lunch time & we were all getting hungry.  Since we just moved into our house & I'm still trying to find things in my kitchen, I cheated & opted for a "take-out" picnic.  We went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe & got some lunch & took it to the lake by our house & had a picnic lunch.  It was PERFECT. . . . I especially enjoyed my pina colada smoothie in the hot sun.


And since there is a fun park right there at the lake, we stayed & played for another hour until the kids were so worn out they were ready for a nap.


After the park, the little ones took a nap.  Lorien played outside with a neighbor friend & Cadence took her kite back to the lake with her friend from church.  They were gone for 2 hours & I got to hook up my computer & get my pictures uploaded & what-not while the boys slept.

When the littles woke up we went back outside & went for a bike ride.  Then the boys got out their bubble lawn mower toy & played all afternoon taking turns pushing the lawn mower across the lawn.  I sat on the porch (since I'm technically still on partial-bedrest. . . 6 more weeks!) & ate grapes while they played.

Then it was time for dinner.  Tonight's spotlight was Craiger.  Craiger got to choose dinner for tonight so he chose pizza & bananas.  He was very happy.

I forgot to mention that last night was Bladen's special night so we made Chicken Nuggets & French Fries for him.

Tomorrow is Science Day which is always one of my favorites.  I've got a few fun projects to do with the kids to peak their science interests.  It will be fun.

Until then. . . 

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