Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break - Day 4: SUPER HERO DAY

Everyone needs some heroes in their lives right?  I've got 5 little super heroes here at my house that I love very much.  Today was

I let the kids dress themselves up any way they wanted to so they could be any kind of super hero they desired.  Then I gave them a big blue sheet (off my bed) & some paper to create a super hero scene.  They spent an hour cutting, stacking, & arranging this cute arrangement (just like our chalk super hero arrangement.  ha ha ha.)  I thought it turned out cute.  Then they let me take pictures of them being their super selves.

After playing super heroes for a while, I let them get Daddy's iPad so they could watch 2 episodes of Super Hero Squad on Netflix.  They LOVED that since they don't get to watch Netflix very often.

Then came the REALLY FUN part of the day:
Super Hero Service Scavenger Hunt.

I made a list of things we could do for other people & they had to knock on doors & say:
"Hi, it's Super Hero Day for us today.  Can we be your hero & __________________?"
(wash your windows, take out your trash, etc.)

For the most part they were pretty embarrassed, but by the end they were loving every second of it.  They even started doing super hero poses as they talked.  Our neighbors were cracking up.

Washing Windows

Reading kids a book.  (This one was my favorite.  Those boys
were adorable & so sweet to let my kids read to them.)

Sweeping Porches & Sidewalks

We did as much as we could until lunch time & then we headed to Sonic for some 

We ate some lunch & put the littles down for their naps.  I find my sleeping Captain America quite irresistible.  I couldn't help but snuggle up next to him & kiss his little cheeks.

After naps I broke out the Super Hero Squad Color Wonder set.  My kids love Color Wonder.  I love Color Wonder because it means markers with NO MESS whatsoever.  They had a blast coloring their favorite super heroes.

For dinner I made Spaghetti & Meatballs, garlic toast, & watermelon for Taya since it was her night to pick her dinner.  She was all smiles.  I swear that kid can eat an entire watermelon by herself.

My kids truly are my heroes.  They rescue me every day from anything negative.  They light up my life & put a smile on my face.  I love them so much.

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