Thursday, January 15, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside

So here in VA we get cold, but not like most parts of the US.  I really can't complain because the weather here is wonderful (humidity doesn't bother me).

But it's been pretty cold even for VA the last few days.  We've had to bundle up quite a bit to keep warm.

Canyon prefers wearing multiple hats at all times.

Bladen has been curling up next to the heater in the kitchen
every morning to get the warm air blown directly on him.

Yesterday the kids had a 2 hour delay for school due to frigid temps & lots of ice & this morning we had a 1 hour delay due to SNOW.

And here's what our snow looked like.

Being from UT I had to laugh at this, but I totally understand how bad it is when even that much snow is on the ground here.  There's no equipment to take care of snow or ice so any cold weather conditions wind up being really bad here even if they seem like nothing.

The "snow" melted quickly, but the kids sure enjoyed watching the small flurries fall this morning.  They sat at the window for probably an hour just watching it.  It was so sweet.

An hour after that, it was melted again & off they went to school.  But I was happy we got one little flurry just so they could experience it this year.

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