Thursday, May 7, 2015

Family Birthday Party

So on each of our kids' birthdays, we make them their favorite dinner & let them open presents from family members.  Usually their friend party is on a weekend, so it's fun to have a mini-party together as a family.

For his birthday dinner, Bladen chose lasagne, homemade bread, Caesar salad, & apple slices.  He's definitely a boy.  He's going to eat me out of house & home pretty soon.

My friend (whom he calls Fancy Nancy), sent him a Super Hero Squad
Chutes & Ladders game as well as a dinosaur book.

Mamoo sent him a Fred Action Figure

Mimi & Baba sent him the Metalbeard
Lego set from the Lego Movie.

Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin sent him some
dragon legos.

Bladen is just now getting into legos & is having a blast with them.  This set that my parents got him were kind of hard to build (even for me), but they were SO cool.  I don't know what kind of geniuses they have working at Lego, but these are almost works of art when they're all put together.

Fancy Nancy also sent him lots of new clothes.

Cadence used her saved up money to buy him
a Batman lego playset.

And Opa & Oma sent him some fun action figures.

Grandma Kinsfathers sent him $10 to spend on whatever he
wanted. . . aka a stop at the ice cream truck every day for 10 days.

All the siblings got him the double decker couch Lego set
from the Lego Movie.  He really wanted this set because it
had ALL the Lego Movie characters in it.  He LOVES playing
with the Lego people.

Trek & I got him Big Hero 6.  He's been wanting
it for a while now.

And Lorien used her money to get him some Hulk hands.  I
was thrilled because I got to use them for his party later in the
week.  I'm so lucky to have such sweet kids who love each other.

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