Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mother's Day

I had an amazing Mother's Day.  Trek built me my garden boxes which are beautiful & then he rallied the kiddos together to make my day special.

For breakfast, my girls made me a beautiful breakfast with a menu & everything.
I had french toast, bacon, strawberries & cream, & milk.

I got to open 2 presents from my friend Nancy (a pair of heart shaped blue diamond earrings & a Mother's origami owl necklace with all 6 kids' birthstones inside.)  And then I got to read cards from all my kiddos.  SO SWEET.

The kids did all the cooking & cleaning all day long & I even got to take a nap.  It was WONDERFUL.

For dinner Trek had searched pintrest for a perfect recipe.  He worked with the girls to make it perfect.  When I saw it I couldn't help but start laughing.
"Is this Loaded Baked Potato Chicken Casserole?" I asked.
"Wait, how did you know that?"
"Because I made this for dinner on Tuesday!"

He literally picked a recipe on pintrest that I had made a few days earlier without realizing it.  I was laughing SO hard.  It was amazingly delicious though.  It was nice to not have to cook.

It was a nice relaxing Mother's Day.  Thank you to my sweetheart of a husband & 6 wonderful children for giving me the opportunity to be a mother.  It's the best job in the world & I wouldn't trade my experiences with them for anything.

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