Monday, October 3, 2016

Eyeball Pasta, Mummy Garlic Toast, & Caesar Salad

Tonight's Spooky Dinner was a new one.  I'm loving that pintrest exists & that people like to make spooky dinners.  It makes my October dinner planning even more fun when a new recipe pops up.

Tonight we ate:
Eyeball Pasta
(basically spaghetti & spaghetti sauce . . . then slices of string cheese with olives as the eyeballs.  I also added some blue & red food coloring to the pasta water to make the pasta purple.  The picture doesn't show it well, but it really was purple.)

Mummy Garlic Bread
Make garlic bread on a french loaf (or buy one in the freezer section of your grocery store) & then add candy eyeballs (my grocery store has them, but you can get them on Amazon or any place that sells Wilton products).  Top it off with criss-cross patterns of strung string cheese.  My kids LOVED these.  They laughed SO hard at them.

And then of course, add a salad so you get some veggies in there too.

Voila!  Enjoy your eyeballs & mummies!

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