Thursday, October 13, 2016

Zombie Taco Salad & Hocus Pocus Potion

Tonight we had a slight mishap at the Potter house.  I somehow managed to stab myself in the hand while making guacamole.  Let's just say I had to contemplate whether or not I needed to rush to the ER for stitches.  As I type this, its still bleeding ( an hour & a half later ) so I may still need to go, but for now we are trying to enjoy our dinner.  I have 2 absolutely amazing daughters who know how & love to cook so they made dinner tonight.  They did anamazing job.

Zombie Taco Salad
Just your typical taco salad however you like it.  I add guacamole on top to make a green zombie face.  Add sour cream with olive slices as eyes & tomatoes for a mouth,

Hocus Pocus Potion

You make 2 smoothies for this.  Put orange sherbet & orange juice in a blender & blend until nice & smooth.  The 2nd smoothie is apple juice & frozen berries.  Layer the 2 to make a pretty (& yummy) potion.

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