Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Snakes, Bat Wings, & Zombie Slime

Today has been a day.  First the van breaks down . . . like seriously just flat out stops working.  My husband is in Boston on a work trip, I'm completely stranded with my 3 year old, & I was a mess.  Luckily I did get my other 5 kids to school.  I finally got the van stuff worked out (thank you Enterprise for picking me up giving me a rental van that fits my family) & wound up having to take Craiger to the hospital for a really high fever & earache.  I guess his eardrums are extremely swollen & ready to burst, poor kid.  I swear, it never fails when Trek is away I always have car issues & one kid in the ER.  BUT. . . . the important thing is I pressed on, survived the day, & still managed to put a meal on the table for dinner.

My kids love bean & cheese burritos.  I crisped them up in a little oil & added olive eyes & a tomato tongue.

Bat Wings & Zombie Slime:
These are basically chips & guacamole.  Yum.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow is a lot less eventful at the Potter house.  :-) 

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