Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beach Fun

It's always fun when Auntie Tylee comes to town.  Tylee & Pete came down this weekend to spend some time with the kiddos.  

Since Bladen's birthday is this week, she brought him his present early:
a Magna-Doodle
He was thrilled.

It was such a GORGEOUS day that we decided to spend the morning at the beach.  The water was cold (Monterey water is ALWAYS cold), but the sun was shining.  The waves were HUGE & were breaking right on the beach line.  The kids had fun running from the waves with the grown ups.

Lorien always wants Trek & I to bury her in the sand.  She's funny like that.

This was Craiger's first experience with sand.  He LOVED it.  He loved touching it, crawling through it, rolling in it, & eating it.  GROSS.

Bladen is like his mommy.  He hates sand, he hates the freezing water, & he prefers to get a little sunshine on the comfort of a beach towel.  So funny.

Taya normally hates sand as well, but after watching us bury Lorien in the sand, she wanted a turn too.

Tylee, Pete, & Trek had a nice game of frisbee on the beach.

Trek built a nice sand castle with Cadence & Lorien.  They were SO PROUD of their castle.

After spending the morning at the beach, we came home & showered, then hung out for the afternoon.  Auntie Marc joined us from Santa Cruz as well.  The day was filled with chicken fights, 

& lots of PARK FUN.

Auntie Marc brought HUGE suckers for all the kids.  How do you know you've completely worn your kids out?  You'll find them fast asleep on the couch clutching their lollipops as they drift away into dreamland.  What a cutie pie.

It was a FUN FUN FUN weekend.

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