Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let's Go Fly A Kite . . . or 4

The kids all got FABULOUS kites from the Easter Bunny this year so we couldn't wait for a windy day to go try them out.  They did an AWESOME job.  Bladen was a real natural at it.  In fact, he kept getting bored & would let go of his string & walk over to the playground.  Poor Trek had to chase down his kite 3 times in 1 hour.  
ha ha ha.

Bladen had a Spiderman kite, Taya had a Princess kite, Cadence had a Barbie kite, & Lorien had a Spongebob kite.  We had several people come & sit on the grass to watch us fly the kites.  I forgot how relaxing & care-free it is to fly kites.

After flying kites, we let the kids play/swing at the park until they were completely worn out.  It was a GREAT afternoon.

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