Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Morning 2012

Happy Easter from the Potter Family.
We had a WONDERFUL Easter morning & hope you did too.

This was the first year that I had a child that "knew" how Easter worked. Cadence is 9 now & came to me a few days before Easter to "talk" about a question she had about Easter. Needless to say, after she asked me straight to my face, I broke into tears. Why do these sweet little things have to mature & grow up? I hate it. But she was totally fine with the truth of it all & was actually kind of happy to know. I was devastated! (at first) until I saw how she made the magic even more magical for her brothers & sisters. In the end I've determined that no, we can't stop them from growing up, but we can cherish every new experience we have with them at every phase in their lives. Cadence got the kids SO excited about Easter morning that I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. She brings me SO MUCH JOY & I'm so proud to be her mother.

And I have to give a little "shout out" to Lorien as well. She was SO excited for the Easter Bunny to come, that she wrote an adorable little letter for him. . . (she's always thinking about others)

All 3 girls set out treats for the Easter Bunny so he'd have something to eat on his journey.

Did the Easter Bunny come to the Potter house?
He sure did!

Little Craiger got a cute little monkey toy & lots of yummy candies.

Our little stud, Bladen got a Spiderman kite, a little elephant, & lots of candy as well.

Our princess Taya got a Princess kite, a little lamb, & some candy.

Our sweet Lorien got a Spongebob kite, a duckie with a raincoat, & lots of jelly beans & gum.

And last, but certainly not least, our wonderful Cadence got a Barbie kite, a kitty, & lots of chocolate.

When the kids woke up, the back door was open & there was a trail of jelly beans through the house & out the back door. The kids followed the trail & found a lollipop garden growing in the backyard. SO EXCITING.

And then the hunt began. The Easter Bunny hid TONS of eggs. . . a dozen plastic eggs filled with chocolates & jelly beans, 20 chocolate eggs, & 24 real eggs that we dyed as a family. We were hunting all morning & the kids had a BLAST.

Craiger started walking the night before Easter so it was FUN having him walk around looking for Easter eggs.

After all the excitement of Easter morning, we turned on some church music to remember the true meaning of Easter. We got the kids into their church clothes, celebrated the resurrection of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ at church, & then came home & watched The Testaments as a family. Nothing brings a family closer together than Jesus Christ. I just love Easter.

We hope your Easter was exciting, magical, & spiritually uplifting. Happy Easter from our home to yours.

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