Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bladen's Family Birthday Party

At the end of the day, we let Bladen open up all his FUN presents from the family.  He got some REALLY cool toys that even I can't wait to play with.

Mimi & Baba bought him a REALLY cool Pirates of the Caribbean 
pirate ship.  
It has hidden compartments, a shooting cannon, Blackbeard & Cpt. Jack Sparrow, & it has secret messages all over the boat when you hold a black light up to it.  Yes, this is a fun one.

However, it was REALLY hard to put together.  Trek spent HOURS figuring it all out while the little ones took their nap.

How awesome is that?  I would have loved this as a kid.

Grandma Kinsfather & Mamoo both got Bladen $10 each so we get to go shopping for something fun this weekend to spend his money on.

Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin got him a super fun dinosaur dig set.  I also would have loved this as a kid.

Nancy sent Bladen a few outfits, a kite, some shoes, & a pirate blanket (that I made with the fabric she sent.)

Auntie Char & Uncle Jay send an adorable PIRATE OUTFIT for him.  Now he won't take it off.

Opa & Oma also had pirate on the brain.  They bought him an ADORABLE wooden Pirate Ship.  I LOVE Melissa & Doug products.  This is SO MUCH FUN.

The kiddos got their brother a set of wooden blocks to build towers (& destroy them)

And Trek & I bought him a Darth Vader light saber with action sounds.  He LOVES swords & boy does he love this!

However, it didn't take long for Daddy to steal it from him so he could have a turn.  They are LOVING having sword fights together now.

 Last weekend, Tylee came to visit & she brought Bladen a magna doodle toy & Auntie Marc brought the cutest little outfit

Bladen had a SUPER FUN birthday this year.  Thank you all for making it magical.

Happy Birthday Mannos!

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