Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Day

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day.
I REALLY appreciate my girls' teachers this year.  They have been fantastic with my girls.  They have found their strengths & pushed them above & beyond, & they have found their weaknesses & made them their strengths.  I'm SO grateful for both of them.

For Teacher Appreciation Day I wanted to give them something that represented how the girls felt about them.  I immediately thought of flowers.  My girls were just buds at the beginning of the school year & they have bloomed & have grown SO much.  So I found these cute little yellow planters at Target for $3. In the left one, I put seeds for them to grow themselves.  In the center we made a pencil bouquet of sharpened pencils. The girls each made construction paper flowers to attach to the top of the pencils, & then we stabilized them in split peas.  And on the right I made some homemade chocolate rose suckers & stabilized them in white rice.

To each gift we attached a poem that the girls & I wrote:
A new year began & I was scared;
Once again everything was new.
In a great big classroom that we all shared
That’s where I met you.
You took me in like a little flower,
You knew just what to do.
Your love to me was like a shower.
Because of you I grew.
Our time together was gone too soon
But I’ll never take your teachings for granted.
Thank you dear teacher for helping me bloom.
I’m thankful with you I was planted.

They couldn't wait to give these to their teachers this morning.  I hope they liked them. We sure had a blast putting them all together.

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