Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oakland Temple Trip & Mother's Day

There is just nothing like being on the temple grounds.  Trek & I had the opportunity to do sealings in the Oakland Temple on May 12th as well as watch all the kids in our ward so their parents could attend an endowment session.  Our friends watched our kids while we did an hour of sealings which was fabulous.

Before all the other kids showed up, we took our kids around the temple grounds to let them admire the peace & beauty of it as well as feel of the Lord's spirit there.  I always leave the temple SO HAPPY & so do they.

This was Craiger's first time visiting the temple.  He loved all the pretty flowers.

On our way home from the temple, we stopped at the Arby's in Gilroy for my "Mother's Day Dinner."  
Yup, I picked Arby's over Outback, Applebees, & any other fancy schmancy steakhouse.  I love Arby's but we don't have one near us so I jump at any opportunity I can to have a Beef & Cheddar sandwich.  I know, I'm pretty pathetic, but they're GOOD.  I was SO HAPPY.

Trek also bought me 2 pounds of fresh cherries from a local fruit stand there in Gilroy as well.  Can we say HEAVEN?

Mother's Day was wonderful.  Trek made me some toast & cherries for breakfast.  Then at church all the men did the women's callings for them so they could meet together for a yummy Mother's Day dessert.  (That was the highlight of my day.)  Then after church I got to open my presents.  Trek bought me another pirate princess watch just like the one I had for 5 years that finally broke.  I was SO excited to have another one.  

It was a great day.  The only thing that was missing was being able to talk to my mom.  She was in the hospital not doing well after a surgery so I couldn't talk to her.  (Little did I know at that time that it was about to get MUCH worse)  I love my mommy.  She made me who I am today.  I am grateful for her example, love, & friendship.  
Happy Mother's Day.

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