Friday, May 9, 2014

Bladen's 5th Birthday Breakfast

Rise & Shine Prince Charming!

5:30 comes a little too quickly sometimes.  Bladen was SO excited for his turn to have a birthday.  The poor kid has to wait for Cadence, Lorien, Taya, & Craiger all to have birthdays before his finally pops up at the end of April.  He's been counting down for months now.

For his special birthday breakfast he wanted dinosaur egg oatmeal, a banana, & our famous ding dongs of course.

Bladen is my shy guy so as soon as we all starting singing "Happy Birthday" he hid his face in embarrassment.  What a cutie pie.

But he really was happy that it was his birthday.

I can't believe this little guy is already 5 years old.  He's SO ready to go to Kindergarten at "Taya's School" next year.  He asks almost every day if it's time for him to go to Kindergarten.  Sorry kiddo, we've still got 4 more months left.  He started reading a month ago (my youngest to read) & also started playing piano last month as well.  He's a very dedicated kid & strives to do everything he can put his mind to.  He's kind, gentle, sweet, & the best big/little brother you've ever seen.  This boy knows to protect his family at all costs.  He's always looking out for his little brothers & even takes care of his older sisters.  We are SO glad he's in our family.

Canyon is getting big too.  His birthday is 2 weeks after Bladen's.  He's excited to eat his own cake soon because he's a Potter & he loves food.

It was a great birthday breakfast.  We had a ton of fun.  Happy Birthday Bladen Man.  We love you.

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