Friday, May 9, 2014

Bladen's Birthday Dinner & Family Party

So for his birthday dinner, Bladen chose pizza, french fries, & apples. . . his 3 favorite foods.

And he was pretty excited about it.

Dinner was fun, but he really couldn't wait to finish so that we could open up presents from our family & friends.  He got all sorts of fun things from the people he loves.

Mimi & Baba sent him a "long neck" transformer

Mamoo sent his a really fun pirate domino
rally set.

Nancy sent him some new clothes & a
transformer lunchbox for Kindergarten.

Auntie Cari, Uncle Justin, Korbyn, Brinley,
& Kylie sent him a pterodactyl transformer.

Auntie Char & Uncle Jay sent a Super Hero Squad
version of Chutes & Ladders.  SO CUTE.

Cadence used her allowance money on a domino rally
starter set to teach him how to use dominos in a fun way.

Lorien used her own money to buy him a GIANT sticker pad.

Mommy, Daddy, Taya, Craiger, & Canyon got him a big
box of Legos.  He now calls himself a lego master.

Opa & Oma sent him a Dinosaur book & a
castle tent like the tents they have at their house.

Both Bladen & Craiger LOVE that tent.  It's
adorable.  Even Canyon gets inside with them.
They sit in there & read all day long.

It was a very happy 5th birthday indeed.  He loved everything & he loves everyone.  Happy birthday little man!  Mommy is so proud to call you MINE.

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