Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Famous Potter Family Egg Hunt 2014

Get ready, get set. . . . GO!

There's nothing in the world like the Potter family's famous Easter Egg Hunt.  Hundreds of eggs, 4 different rounds of hunting excitement, candy galore, money, money, & more money.  You just can't beat it.  Opa & Oma really know how to put on a fabulous hunt.

We were SO happy to get to be a part of it this year.  I'm happy our spring break vacation happened to fall on Easter weekend.  It was SO MUCH FUN.

The first round was the little kids round. . . so Bladen, Craiger, & Emery got to battle it out to see who could find the most eggs & money.

Opa helped Bladen, Carolyn helped Emery, & I stuck around with Craiger.  There were 105 eggs for this particular round as well as $60 hiding in those eggs.  And lets not forget the chocolate bunnies, toys, & other surprises hiding in trees, bushes, & chairs.

The kids had so much fun.  There were so many eggs that they didn't know what to do with them all.

The boys especially loved the trucks & superman action figures hiding in the trees.  It was fun to see their faces when they saw TOYS in the TREES.

All three kiddos in round 1 found a TON of eggs & had a blast.

Round 2 was for the girls: Cadence, Lorien, & Taya.  Trek didn't take very many pictures of their egg hunt adventures because they were SO fast.  They found all 105 eggs in less than 3 minutes.  $60 was hidden inside those 105 eggs as well.

I was with Taya on this one.  She is such a dirt/germaphobe that she refused to put her hands anywhere that dirt may have touched in any way so basically she'd point to the eggs & I wound up digging them out of holes, bushes, spider webs, & trees.

After the 1st two rounds, the kids all came in & we assessed the winnings.  Cadence found a total of $12 in her eggs.  Most of her eggs were stuffed full of candy.

Lorien got a little luckier & found $19 stashed away in her eggs.  She was pretty excited.

And Taya wound up with a whopping $29 in her eggs.  She was beyond thrilled.  She immediately started deciding exactly how she would spend it:
She's been wanting a new stuffed lion [simba] since we moved here last January when her old simba got "lost" in the move.  Not my best moment.  Big oops on my part.  I didn't realize how attached she was to that one.

The boys did equally well in their hunting skills.  Bladen had $18 in his eggs.

And Craiger trumped everyone with a whopping $33 in his eggs.

For the 3rd round of hunting, we let the ADULTS race to find eggs.  10 adults, 350 eggs, $300 hiding.  Of course we have absolutely NO pictures of our race. . . . we were too busy pushing each other down, diving for eggs, & trying to booby-trap anyone that got in our way.  It sounds awful, but it's hilariously funny to be a part of.  The competition between the Potter siblings is SO funny & as an in-law adopted into the madness I enjoy trying to play along the best I can.  I found a grand total of $22 in my eggs. . . actually out of 42 eggs only 2 had money in them.  I got SO lucky to find a $20 bill in one egg & $2 in another.  The rest was candy.  Trek got $44 in his eggs so basically he found enough for the both of us.  ;-)  He won that round.  

Tylee & Pete made a deal that whomever found the most money between the 2 of them got to keep BOTH people's money.  Pete totally kicked Tylee's trash with $65 while she found a measly $12 in her eggs.  ha ha ha.  It was SO funny.  (We laugh because Tylee is ruthless in these hunts & usually takes home MOST of the money.  It was funny to see her lose so badly.)  She was a great sport about it too.  I love my family.

After all that madness, we woke the babies up from their naps & let them hunt for their eggs.  They were super cute.

Once Canyon found one egg, he was done.  We were all laughing.  He just wanted to eat the one egg he got his hands on first.

Within 30 seconds the race went from babies to parents.  Trek & Carolyn were battling it out for their babies sake.  It was SO funny to watch.

Good job babies. . . parents.

Canyon wound up with $19 & Ella had $21.  He enjoyed playing in his money.

So, now you see why Easter is such a huge deal in this family.  Isn't that funnest thing you've ever seen?  I love the Potter egg hunt.  Opa & Oma are the best!  Thank you guys for making Easter magical for everyone.

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