Friday, May 9, 2014

Bladen's 5th Birthday Party - Transformers

For Bladen's 5th birthday party he asked for a Transformers themed party.  I didn't even know where to start with this one.  Having 3 girls first, I've done my fair share of "princess" cakes.  These boy cakes are giving me a run for my money.  But I'm loving trying new things.  Bladen said he wanted his cake to look like the Transformer symbol so I found a cake pan & tried my best.  I asked him what color he wanted the symbol to be & of course he wanted it to be red, white, & blue.  So, let's just say I learned how to do a lot of new things making this cake & honestly I had a blast doing it.  It turned out really well & Bladen loved it which is what mattered most.

Happy birthday big boy!

My friend Nancy sent all the table wear for his party.  She loves searching for themed things & she found a ton of transformer things in CA.  Thanks to her, the table looked fantastic.

Bladen insisted we put out all his transformer toys where his friends could see them.

Bladen couldn't wait for his friends to arrive.  We have 8 five year olds who live right here in our neighborhood so the guest list was easy.  He was SO excited.

And the sweet little guy asked if I would take a picture with him.  What a sweetheart.  I hate being in pictures, but did it for my little guy.  I love him so much.

Once all of his friends arrived, I let them watch the first episode of "Rescue Bots" while we colored Transformer Rescue Bot coloring pages.  After that we played a "pin the symbol on Optimus Prime."  The kids love being blindfolded.  They all peeked & put their stickers in the same place, but it was still fun.

Next I had them have a transforming race.  We have 4 transforming dinosaurs.  I split the kids up into 2 groups (boys & girls. . & Craiger got lumped in with the girls) & had them race to get the cars changed into dinosaurs.  It was funny watching how fast they worked trying to get their transformed first.

The girls were much more laid back about it.  But they did pretty good for never touching a transformer before.  Craiger won of course because he transforms those things all day long, but it was a good race between the girls.

After that I had them show me how to be a transformer robot. . . 

& then a transformer car.

They used their transforming abilities to transform their way through our obstacle course.  If the tape was high, they had to transform into a car. . . if the tape was low they had to be a robot again.  They loved this & did it several times.

Then we had a huge transformer race outside in the backyard.  They had to start out as robots & when I yelled go I held up a robot picture. . . when I switched the robot picture to a car picture, they had to continue racing, but transform into cars.

It was pretty funny watching them go back & forth between a car & a robot.

After the race it was piñata time.  We all know how that works.


After letting them all collect candy, we went inside for cake & ice cream.  Bladen was SO excited to show off his cool Transformer cake.  He wanted to eat a blue piece & had been waiting all morning for it.

And finally we ended our party with present time.  Bladen got some really exciting things from his friends.  We're so blessed to live around such great people.  We love our neighborhood kids.

Ryan, Danny, & Megan (the adorable triplets) gave him a really
neat hot wheels race track set.

Malia got his a Spiderman action figure & the neatest little
Spiderman Legos.   I haven't seen the Lego Junior line yet, &
they are perfect for this age group. . . they're not huge like
Duplos, but they aren't as hard as the real legos too.  He loves these.

Grace gave him a Space puzzle that he LOVES to put together.

And Grant got him a really cool blue lightsaber.

Happy 5th birthday Bladen.  We love you.

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