Friday, July 18, 2014

Camp Tonsofun - Day 2

Day 2 of Camp Tonsofun was even better than the first.  After the kids all made their beds, I snuck in & put these marshmallow twisty treats on each of their pillows.  Craiger found these first & was SO excited to tell his siblings the treats were on their beds.

For our second day we tackled the laundry room & pantry.  The laundry room wasn't awful, but it's been needing some organization for a while now.

The girls wiped down the washer & dryer & then Lorien took charge & organized all the cleaners on the shelves.  It looked amazing when we were finished.

The pantry, on the other hand, was a disaster area.  It needed a TON of work.

Cadence took charge on this project.  All the kids helped organize shelves & clean the floor.  It looks SO AMAZING now.  I love having everything organized where I can find it easily.

For our camp craft, we made balloon faces.  It was a simple craft, but the kids loved it & had a blast making pirate & fairy faces on their balloons.

Dinner that night was Cadence's night.  She chose to eat Southwestern Pasta Salad (a favorite recipe in our house) with peaches.  It was delicious.

For our Activity we made our Camp Tonsofun 2014 Skit.  It turned out absolutely hilarious!

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