Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME

As you get older, birthdays aren't as exciting as they used to be when you were a kid.  However, when you HAVE kids, they so badly want to throw you a big party like you throw them.  It makes me smile.  My kids put on a pretty happening birthday party for me this year.

Cadence & Lorien woke up extra early on Sunday to make me a birthday breakfast.  I have church meetings early so I usually just get up & leave for church before everyone else is even up.  They made me bacon, french toast, & a ding dong of course.  I was impressed that they would be willing to wake up so early & the french toast was amazing.  They're turning into quite the little cooks.

This year I turned the big 33 years old.  I'm getting up there.  ;-)

After breakfast I got to open presents from each of the kids.  They used their own allowance money to buy things for me.  

Taya got me some melting wax for my letters.  She knows I love to seal letters like they did in the good old days.  She picked purple wax & it makes beautiful seals.

Bladen cracks me up.  He wanted me to have a doctor who phone case.  I don't know what brought that on, but I find it adorable.  I love my little phone TARDIS.

Craiger man got me a Mickey Mouse poster for the Mickey Mouse bathroom.  It's HUGE & will make the empty wall in there complete.

Cadence got me some Mickey Mouse wall decals (also for the Mickey Bathroom).  That bathroom is almost complete now.

Trek built me a shelf & cabinet for MY bathroom to put all my toiletries & make-up in.  He spent all day Saturday putting it together for me & I adore it.

Lorien also got me a gift.  It didn't arrive until a few days after my birthday.  It was a wax sealer set.  It had 3 metal seals & some more sealing wax for my letters.  She still hasn't sat down long enough to let me take a picture with her.

My sweet Grandma K. sent me $5 & a beautiful card wishing me a happy birthday.

My brother, sister in law, & my nieces & nephew got me a nice belt & an earring organizer for all my loose earrings.  HEAVEN SENT!!

And my friend, Nancy sent her usual TON of gifts.  I always love my Nancy gifts because they are so fun.  She knows me VERY well & always surprises me with really neat stuff.

This year my gifts were heavy in the jewelry area.  Nancy usually sends one or two pieces of jewelry for my birthday & for Christmas, but this year, it was raining jewelry.  It was SO fun.

And my big gift from Nancy. . . which is always some extravagant jewel of sorts was this amazing piece.  It's a yellow gold ring with 6.5 carats of rubies.  It's probably the most expensive piece of jewelry I own at this point.  It's absolutely gorgeous!!!  Ruby is my birthstone so she said I needed a substantial sized ruby for my gem collection.  And now I have one!

After church I was able to call my mom, dad, & grandma.  My grandma has some sort of surprise up her sleeve, but I have to wait until September to see it when she comes to visit.  My mom & dad sent me this amazing cake turntable to help me with my cake decorating.  I've been wanting one of these for YEARS.  I'm SO excited to make some cakes now.

My day was wonderful.  I got to go to church, got to TEACH relief society, had the missionaries over for dinner, & then relaxed while Trek & the kiddos took care of everything.  It was perfect in every way.

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