Friday, July 18, 2014

Camp Tonsofun - Day 5

The last day of Camp Tonsofun started out with a treat.  After the kids chose their chore from the chore jar, they found this treat waiting for them.

We didn't have any other big chores to do, so we used our last day as a family fun day.  We drove up to Surry, VA to pick blueberries.  The kids LOVED it.

Canyon didn't really know what was going on.  He was just happy to be walking on his own in uncharted territory.

Then he noticed some blue "balls" hanging on the branches of the bushes.

Hmmm. . . let's try eating it.

Umm, yeah!  What is this deliciousness?  I need more NOW.

The kids had so much fun.  Canyon is now a blueberry addict.  By the end he was literally putting his entire mouth on the branch & chewing the blueberries off.  It was hilarious.  After picking our quart of blueberries, we stopped to pay for them & picked up some corn muffins & ice cream to share.  They were delicious.

The rest of the day was a free day.  We played games, put together puzzles, & just hung out.  It was Taya's dinner night & she chose beans & hot dogs with potato chips. . . I know REALLY HEALTHY right?  ha ha ha.  

We ended Camp Tonsofun by doing night games in our backyard with the entire neighborhood.  We had about 55 kids over & we had a blast.  It was a great week.

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