Thursday, July 17, 2014

Camp Tonsofun - Day 1

So I FINALLY found some time to do Camp Tonsofun with the kids.  It's been 3 weeks since school got out, but I've been so busy getting Relief Society things done, that this sat on the back burner.  But not anymore.  It was time to PLAY!!!

So Camp Tonsofun is the family camp that I do every summer with my kids that helps get our house clean for summer & also has some fun bonding time for us.  Each day we tackle one big cleaning project, have a camp craft, do a camp activity, & have a hidden treat after we complete a certain chore.  They look forward to it every year & this year was no exception.  Let the fun begin!

After breakfast, the kids did their breakfast chores, & I slipped this goody onto the counter when they weren't looking.  Lorien was the one that found it 15 minutes later.

I had Relief Society visits I had to do all day, but Trek was home from work & he was able to complete the first big chore with the kids: THE YARD.
They spent 4 hours weeding, mowing, edging, trimming, & playing in the front & back yard.  The yard looked great.

The camp craft & camp activity were rolled into one on the first day.  We made & flew kites in the newly cleaned back yard.  Canyon decided he doesn't like the feel of grass on his feet AT ALL.

My kids love flying kites.  We had a blast, even if the wind wasn't blowing very much.  We were still able to get our kites up high enough for them to fly on their own.  Everyone got to take turns & it was a lot of fun.

I FINALLY got Canyon to sit on the grass by giving him a sippy cup with milk inside.  Little stinker.

For dinner it was Lorien's night to pick.  She picked pepperjack chicken enchiladas with lots of watermelon & lemonade.  It was yummy!!!

And that concludes day 1 of Camp Tonsofun 2014!

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