Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Winter Break Day 4 - Music & Wilderness Survival

A good chunk of every Thursday at our house revolves around music.  All the kids have their music lessons that day so our morning was dedicated to music.

First we did all the kids' piano lessons which is always fun.  I could seriously listen to my kids play piano all day long.

I also worked with Lorien on her cello, introducing the F Major scale & a few new songs in F Major that she will enjoy practicing.

And Cadence & I hammered out the insane counting in her Symphonic Orchestra song Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony (all 50 minutes of it).  She's getting really good at it on her oboe.

I let the kids go find their friends for the afternoon.  Some of them came back from vacation so they had some fun.

Then once it got dark, we built a camp out back for Wilderness Survival.  We couldn't set up the tent like we had planned because of all the rain we've been getting.  Our yard is a swamp right now. . . but we did break out the sleeping bags & pillows on the trampoline & let them sleep there for the night.  We also watched Alice Through The Loooking Glass on our laptop on the trampoline.  It actully turned out to be a total blast.  We need to do that more often. 

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