Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Winter Break Day 1 - Economics/Financial Management & Art

So for Winter Break my kids get 5 days off of school plus the two weekends tacked on each end.  All of my kids' friends were headed out on vacation so I decided to do a theme week for my kids to keep us busy & not being bored at home all day. 

The theme we came up with was 
which sounds SO boring, but we made it fun.

On Monday we decided to do Economics/Financial Management & Art.

For Economics & Financial Management I had the kids take care of the groceries for the week.  We planned out a healthy meal plan for breakfast, lunch, & dinner for the entire week, made a list, & then went shopping.  I taught the kids how to pick out produce & how to do price comparisons.  They pushed the cart, selected all the food, & helped load everything up at the register.  Once we got home, they put away all the groceries & felt accomplished.

For Art we had a lot more fun.

First we went down to this adorable store called Cranberry Mercantile in Sunnyvale & used their paint studio to paint a "You Are Special" plate.  I wrote the words across the top, & each kid had the chance to paint something on the plate.  Once it's fired in the kiln, we will use this plate for Birthday breakfasts/dinners, special concert days, Mother's Day & Father's Day, etc.  And I love that they all had a hand in creating it.

After painting & lunch, we pick up Trek from work & went to the Cantor Art Museum at Stanford.  It's a free art museum & it was amazing.

They have an amazing Rodin sculpture exhibit both inside & outside the museum.  Rodin's Thinker is there & I think the kids liked that one the most.

"Fire Power!"

Even though it was pouring rain outside, I went out to see Rodin's Gates of Hell from Dante's Inferno.  It was beautiful in it's own creepy way.

For 2 hours we just explored all the galleries.  

They had a beautiful Rembrandt wing of the museum where they had several of his pen sketches.

Lorien was excited when we found some Picasso paintings.

They had a small Andy Warhol exhibit as well.

And an Egyptian wing which I loved.

It was a really great museum.  It was only 15 minutes from our house, free, & the kids had a great time.  What a great start to Winter Break.

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