Wednesday, June 21, 2017

8th Grade Awards Ceremony

The 2nd to the last day of school was the 8th grade awards ceremony.  I got a letter a few days beforehand letting me know that Cadence was getting an award so I was excited to take my parents to watch as well.  I went totally assuming the award was something about honor roll since Cadence is a straight A student.  Boy was I surprised at what happened!

Canyon loved being with my mom in her wheelchair.  He loves his Mimi so much.

The first award Cadence recieved was an award for excellence in Language Arts.  When I realized it wasn't an honor roll award ceremony, that it was specialized subject awards, I figured it would be for something in language arts.  Cadence is just SO good at writing.

A lot of her friends also got language arts awards.

After she got her Language Arts award, I thought we were done, but it was fun to see what other awards were being awarded.

Imagine my surprise when they announced Cadence's name for the Herb Strongin Memorial Science Award for the most outstanding student in the area of Science.  SCIENCE!!!  WHAT?!?!?!  That's seriously one subject that totally surprised me.  She got a beautiful plaque as well as $100.  What a wonderful opportunity for her.  She makes me SO proud.  It makes me think she's going to do alright in honors biology next year as a freshman.

And then the very last award of the ceremony totally blew me away.  The principal stood up & talked about the student of the year at Crittenden Middle School & how their values, honesty, integrity, hard work, & kindness made them stand out from all the other students.

I almost screamed when I heard her announce
"And our Crittenden Middle School Student of the Year 2017 is 

I don't think I've ever felt prouder in my entire life.

What a wonderful girl I have.  She tries so hard to be the best person she can be & she makes me so proud.  Great job Cadence!  I'm SO VERY PROUD OF YOU.

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