Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gearing Up For Girls Camp

I can't believe summer is already upon us.  It's CRAZY.  The week after school gets out, I'm going up to Camp Lehi for a week with both Cadence & Lorien for our church's weeklong Girls Camp.  I'm the 1st year (12 year olds) certification leader again this year so I'm busy trying to get all my food, stoves, hiking gear, first aid knowledge, etc. ready to be taught again.

Part of the certification for the girls is a 3 mile hike.  Trek & I went up 2 weeks early to clear my trail of poison oak & anything else deadly so it's ready to go for the girls when we get up there.  It's a beautiful hike, but boy is it hard.  Going down is awesome, but going back up that mountain is enough to give you a heart attack.  I don't know why I love it so much.  

This year was extra crazy since I've been battling a viral ear infection that actually caused nerve damage in my inner ear.  I have vertigo really badly right now so the hike was slightly terrifying for me.  But the doctor assured me that my body would adjust to the new balance until my nerve endings hear by the time girls camp actually comes.  THANK HEAVENS.

We saw snakes, salamanders, moles, & all sorts of fun creepy crawlies on my pre-hike.  It was gorgeous up in the Santa Cruz Mountains too.  And I had my favorite hiking buddy with me too. . . he's really cute.  I kind of love him.

I'm SUPER excited for girls camp this year.

I also finally finished my homemade 1st aid kits for my 1st year girls.  I have 15 girls this year & part of their certification is learning basic first aid & what goes inside a personal first aid kit.  So of course I made each of them one, complete with jewels & glitter rik rak.  Inside is everything needed in a personal first aid kit.  They are small, cute, & perfect to carry everywhere.  And heaven knows it's nice to have bandaids on hand when you need them.  I hope the girls like them.  I think they turned out adorable.

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