Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cub Scout Service Project

Bladen is loving being in cub scouts.  He's making new friends & doing some amazing things.

For Memorial Day weekend, his cub scout pack went to the Golden Gate Cemetary & placed flags on all the tombstones.  What an amazing service project to honor those heros who risked their lives for our very freedom.  I'm SO glad he got to take part in this.

He rode there & back with his 2 buddies.  They went out to eat for lunch & played wall ball for most of the afternoon while Trek & I were doing my camp hike.  I'm so grateful for good friends for my kids.  We love living in this area.

For the last cub scout pack meeting before summer break, Trek was the guest speaker & spoke about freedom & what it was like being in the military.  Then he put the boys through a miniature boot camp which was hilarious.  The boys LOVED it.  It was a great pack meeting.

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