Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cadence's Genius Hour Project - My Music Helper

For Cadence's Exploratory class at Crittenden Middle School, each member of the class had to create a "genius project" during the length of the entire school year.  It had to be a project that took a LOT of time & it had to be something they had never even attempted doing before.

Of course Cadence chose the absolute most difficult thing she could possibly do for a project:
Learn a programming language
& code a music app for ios devices.

I just about died when I found out that's what she wanted to do.  I knew I couldn't help her with that at all & I was worried about how hard it would be for her to learn.  But she insisted & she worked hard. . .

She read a college level text book on coding in the Swift language & started a coding tutorial course online.  The entire process took well over 100 hours.  It was incredible.

By the time the presentation came the last week of May, the app was not fully completed, but she was proud of what she had done so far.  The hardest stuff was done, she just needs to fine tune it all before she can sell it.  She has a goal to complete her app by the end of summer & have it for sale on the apple app store by September.

She presented her project in front of the school, parents, teachers, & community leaders & was awarded "The Future Googler" award for the hardest & most amazing project this year.  That's my girl.  She makes me so proud.

Watch her presentation by clicking on the link below.

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