Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cadence's 15th Birthday

Happy 15th birthday to this happy teenager!  I can't believe I have a 15 year old.  How do I have a 15 year old?  I'm 15 still right?  Man, I feel old.

Cadence is so beautiful & is growing into such a wonderful young woman.  I'm so proud of the woman she's becoming.

We opened presents after school before dinner on the 6th (her actual birthday).  She got some fun presents from family.

Grandma Kinsfather gave her $10

And Opa & Oma gave her $50 to spend.

Mimi & Baba gave her a stampunk gear necklance,
a phone case, & a sundial

And her siblings gave her a hydroflask.

Trek & I gave Cadence & Lorien (early) a shared birthday present:
tickets to see The Piano Guys in concert in March.
They were VERY surprised & SUPER excited.

Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin gave her a Lunar Chronicles coloring book & a beautiful cross stitch pattern.  (I didn't get a pic of that one for some reason.)

Nancy sent all sorts of beautiful clothes & shoes to Cadence
for her birthday.  She also go the entire Sherlock Holmes Colletion.

For her birthday dinner, Cadence chose Southwestern Pasta Salad, Hawaiian rolls, & oranges.

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Cadence.  We love you.

Here is a little something I wrote about Cadence on Facebook

Happy 15th birthday to this beautiful girl. (How do I have a 15 year old? I actually REMEMBER being a 15 year old! Yikes!) Here's just 10 of the million reasons I love Cadence:

1. She made me a mother.  
2. She is one of the most kind & thoughtful people I've ever met. She recognizes the needs of others & jumps into action immediately. Her gifts, letters, & actions are always thought out beforehand to give the greatest value to those they are given to.

3. She is aware of everything (& everyone) happening around her. When most teens worry about what is happening with themselves, Cadence is always looking outward & seeing who needs some extra love & attention that day.

4. She is incredible with words, both in speaking & writing. She is destined to be a writer of some sort.

5. She is just like her mother & can remember every second of every single day & can repeat it all back to me every night after school. (It makes for some LONG nights, but I wouldn't trade that time for the world.)

6. She's not embarrassed to hug & hold hands with me in front of her friends & still claims I'm "cool."

7. She's not afraid to be geeky. Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, LOTR, she loves it all. From wearing Doctor Who pj's to a 221B Baker Street key around her neck. . . . she fits right in with Trek & I.

8. Education is important to her. She works SO hard in school & strives to learn & absorb all the information she can. She loves to learn.

9. She loves music like her momma. She plays a little bit of guitar & ukelele, has been playing piano for over 10 years & has played oboe for 5 years. She sings like an angel. She is SO very talented.

10. She is mine. She is my light, my life, one of my reasons for living. I love her dearly.


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