Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lorien's Doctor Who 13th Birthday Party

Lorien decided she wanted a Doctor Who themed birthday party for her 13th birthday.  I've been over the top thrilled about this since she mentioned it since I'm the biggest Doctor Who fan there is.  Trek & I watch Doctor Who with the girls on the weekends & we really love that family time together.

So for her invitations, Lorien wanted a TARDIS of course, & I needed it to be "bigger on the inside" because the TARDIS is bigger on the inside.  So I made a basic TARDIS card out of cardstock,

Then when you open it up you see Lo's favorite Doctor Who quote.

But then the quote opens up into a HUGE invite to her party.  We even added a key to the TARDIS for everyone to bring to the party.

For her cake I made her a TARDIS cake.  (of course)

And the table was set with Doctor Who themed plates & cups.  I even folded the napkins to look like the 11th Doctor's bow tie.

And I made Adipose suckers out of marshmallows.

We made the front door the TARDIS door & let the kids "unlock" it with their keys to get into the party.  "Bigger on the Inside."  (no the keys weren't to the actual lock in the door.  I'd NEVER give teenagers keys to my house.  They'd eat everything inside!)

Poor Lorien was dealing with 2 ear infections the day of her party, but she was a trooper.  She was SO excited to have her Doctor Who Party.

We gave each guest a pair of 3D glasses (10th doctor), a bowtie (M&M's), & we made sonic screwdrivers out of pens.

I also had a little snack bar for them all to keep them happy.

They all came in by "unlocking" the TARDIS door & the first thing we did was make sonic screwdriver pens.  We took the ink out of the pens & then put clay around them & baked them until the clay hardened.  Then we added the ink back in & voila, sonic screwdrivers.

There were some pretty creative sonic screwdrivers.

The Dance Off we did at Cadence's party was really really fun so Lo decided she wanted to do one as well.  So we split up into 5 groups of 3 & practiced dances to the song "The Greatest Show."  They had a BLAST with it.

Here are the videos of the dances:

After the Dance Off, we settled down for some TARDIS blue cake & ice cream.

It was VERY blue.  Everybody had blue mouths & blue teeth after eating it.

After cake & ice cream I taught them all how to write in circular Gallifreyan.  (the language of the time lords)  They all got a canvas & drew their names in Gallifreyan, then painted them with paints.

I was suprised at how into it they got, especially the boys.

Finally we opened presents.  Lorien has such wonderful friends here.  We love them all so much.

We ran out of time before we could play "Blink" tag (with weeping angels).  But we had a great time with this group of 15 teenagers.  They are fabulous.

Happy 13th Birthday Lorien.  My newest teenager!
We love you.

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