Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February Happenings

With 4 birthdays in one month & stake play just around the corner, February passed in the blink of an eye.  So many fun things have happened.

Well, not all things fun.  We were hit with the plague early in the month.  It started with poor Craiger who tested negative for the flu & strep throat, but was seriously sick with 103 degree fever, chills, sore throat, & cough.  It pretty much took down the house one kid at a time for 2 1/2 weeks of February.  But, as with most sicknesses, it passed in 7 days for each one in turn until the house was back to normal again. . . . (& sterilized repeatedly.)

Canyon has been fun.  He's got the cutest little personality these days.  He wants pictures taken of himself every chance he can get.

And some days he wakes up & decides that he wants to be Mario that day.  He wears his little costume on all our errands. . . Costco, the Commissary, the mall.  People eat it up too.  He's adorable.

This month I managed to finish Canyon's stocking.  My mom has spent the last 30 years making Christmas stockings for our family, & her family (brothers, nieces, nephews, etc.).  She cross-stitches them, & they are beautiful.  Right about the time I was pregnant with Canyon, her heath went bad & she almost died.  Since then, her body hasn't been what it once was.  She started Canyon's stocking, but was unable to finish it due to her eyesight & other health issues.  In November she asked me if I could finish it for her.  It took me a few months, but I finished it on February 1st.  It's beautiful.  She is coming to visit in March & we are going to cut it out & sew it to more fabric to make it into a real stocking.  Canyon is SO excited to finally have a Christmas stocking.

The day of Cadence's birthday party, I managed to cut off a piece of the tip of my finger with some kitchen shears.  I was stressed already trying to get everything prepared so of course I did NOT have time for this.  But, I had to go see a doctor.  I couldn't get it to stop bleeding.  The cut was too big to stitch back together so they ended up gluing it (which was a lot less painful).  Now I'm missing a small little side tip of my left hand index finger.  Battle wounds. . . . that prove I'm a mom.

Taya finished up her Java Script coding class this month.  She's been learning to code in Java Script for about 2 months now & has done very very well in it.  She was pretty excited at what she accomplished in that class.

And Cadence, now 15, has decided it's time to learn how to drive.  It's still too soon, but we're pretty close.  I CANNOT WAIT for her to drive.  Oh, the errands she can run for me.  ha ha ha.

Trek takes her to seminary every morning & this month he let her drive once around the church parking lot & allowed her to "attempt" to park in a parking spot.  Let's just say, she's got a ways to go.  But she sure is cute!!!!

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