Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Auntie Marc invited us down to play at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz the weekend of the 17th.  Lorien was in Disneyland with the orchestra & her musical theater class.  We miss having her with us, but we all had fun together too.

The day was GORGEOUS.  Only in CA can you have bright blue skies & beautiful sandy beaches in the middle of February.

Auntie bought tickets for the kiddos to ride any ride they wanted to.  They were in heaven.

Being a Saturday, the boardwalk was PACKED.  It was wall to wall people.  But for some reason crowds don't bother me.  I love it.  Such a beautiful day.

The kids' favorite ride were the bumper cars.  They were all pretty good at it too. . . which SCARES me.

And as always, we all got dippin dots to enjoy while we rode rides.  Auntie spoils us.

Bladen & Cadence are my brave riders.  They'll ride any ride they can get on.  Craiger is more cautious, but this time he threw caution to the wind & rode the ride that shot them straight up into the air & then dropped them.  The smile on his face as he was dropping is priceless.  He had a BLAST.  I think he'll be trying bigger rides from now on.

It was a wonderful day.  Thank you Auntie for treating us to such a memorable experience.  We're sure going to miss you when we leave.

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