Friday, November 19, 2010

The Drama of Tooth Pulling

Oh my goodness! Cadence's top front tooth FINALLY came out the other night. That thing has been loose for MONTHS now. Every single day she would cry & complain that it hurt to eat because of her loose tooth, so EVERY DAY we'd tell her that we could pull it out for her so that it wouldn't hurt anymore. She told us she would rather DIE than have us pull it out. So for the last 3 months, we've waited patiently while she ate like a bird avoiding her tooth at all costs.

Finally she came home from school crying because her tooth was bleeding. I looked at it & she could turn it in a complete circle (which makes me want to throw up). It was DISGUSTING. I told her we HAD to get it out because it was just gross. And of course that threw her into dramatic fit throwing mode. I don't ever remember being THAT scared of losing a tooth. I remember my teeth bothering me SO much that I couldn't wait to get them out. She wouldn't let me near her after hearing that so we waited for dad to come home.

So dad came home & again, she wasn't going to let him pull it. He asked if he could "wiggle" it with his pliers to see "if it was ready" & after about 2 hours of coaxing she agreed. It took 1 second to yank it out. It was hanging by a thread & she didn't even feel it come out. He took the pliers out of her mouth & handed her her tooth & she FREAKED OUT! At first she was crying SO hard that he had pulled it out, but then she was crying because she was SO HAPPY it was out. It took about 30 minutes for her to get a hold of herself & calm down. She started posing for pictures & immediately started on a letter for the tooth fairy. She was happy in the end. (And the tooth fairy brought her a $1 bill & left it under her pillow. She's a rich woman now!)

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