Monday, November 1, 2010

Lorien's School Halloween Party

Friday was Lorien's "Harvest Festival" (aka Halloween Party) at the kindergarten. Her wonderful teacher encouraged all the parents & siblings to come for a fun party with their kids. I was a little hesitant bringing Bladen & Taya, but I'm SO glad I did. We all had SO MUCH FUN!

I volunteered to bring 50 sandwiches for the party. And you know me & Halloween. . . I cut every one of them into a pumpkin shape. They turned out really cute.

We started with lunch. The kindergartners got to get their food first which made Taya pretty mad. Bladen just wanted a drink & kept stealing Lorien's juice until we got the okay to feed everyone else. Then all 3 kiddos were happy as can be.

Once Bladen got his own juice, he drank it quickly & watched the room to make sure nobody was going to take it away from him. It was HILARIOUS!

After lunch, the kids made skeleton necklaces & decorated sugar cookies. They loved that! I think they ate their cookies before they could frost them . . . little sugar stinkers.

Then we went outside for some games. Bladen wanted to be held the entire time. He's got stranger anxiety right now which is driving me nuts, but he sure is a cutie pie.

Outside there was a bean bag toss & a "pin the nose on the pumpkin" game. The kids both won some kool-aid packs & candy.

After games we went back inside for popcorn & a story. Taya & Bladen are always angels when there is food involved. ha ha ha.

Finally it was time to get into costumes. We had practiced the night before, so I was hoping to not have any issues with costumes. . . BUT Bladen still hates his Buzz costume for some reason.

The girls were darling in theirs. Taya was LOVING all the attention she was getting.

Taya loved being in her costume, but she wasn't too thrilled at all the people wanting to take a picture of her. This is how every picture came out. . . little imp.

Finally I had to bribe her with candy to get her to look at a camera & smile. Whatever works right?

The parade was darling. Taya & Lorien walked around the school several times. They had a great time & both were adorable.

Bladen literally cried himself to sleep. My back was going out on me, so I had to put him down & strap him in the stroller. He was MAD at me for doing that, but it only took about 5 minutes before he was completely out. Cute little guy isn't he?

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