Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Night

Since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, we had to explain to the kids about how to keep the Sabbath Day holy. We allowed them to choose for themselves what they wanted to do & the plan they came up with made this mommy very proud.

They decided that the Trunk or Treat on Saturday would be their actual trick-or-treating for this year so we made sure we got completely decked out for that since we would NOT be wearing our costumes on Halloween. As my kiddos put it, if you can't do it in your church clothes, then it's not appropriate for Sunday. So we stayed in our church clothes Halloween night. But, since we didn't go trick-or-treating, Cadence made a HUGE point that service IS a sabbath day activity & GIVING to people is an act of service. So as a family we decided to sit together as a family on our front porch so that we could GIVE out candy as a family to the kids in the neighborhood.

It ended up being a REALLY rewarding family night. I made a picnic dinner & we ate it on a picnic blanket on our porch while we waited for trick-or-treaters. We talked about our day & taught each other about what we learned at church.

And then we each took turns putting candy in kids' sacks as they came to our door. People thought we were crazy (& mean parents) for "not allowing our kids have their holiday", but I think this was the best Halloween yet. Togetherness is better than anything in the world.


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