Friday, November 19, 2010

Field Trip to the Fire Station

I got to go with Cadence's 2nd grade class on their field trip to the fire station last week. We had SO MUCH FUN!! And the best part was that Taya & Bladen could come too. Cadence was excited to show off her little brother & sister to her class. We all just wished Lorien was with us too.

We got to see about 7 different fire trucks & what they did. I didn't realize how much stuff is actually stored on a fire truck. Cadence's best friend Hailey's mom got to dress up in the fire fighter uniform. We all thought that was pretty funny.

We got to walk through the fire station & see all the fun bedrooms, common areas, & kitchen that the fire fighters live at during the week. Then they gave all the kids little fireman hats to wear. Bladen was ADORABLE!!!

But he didn't like the little string that kept the hat on his head. Eventually he took the hat off & didn't want anything to do with it. BUT HE WAS SO SO SO CUTE with it on!

At the very end, they let each of the 2nd graders try to hit a "fire" with water using one of the big hoses. That hose almost picked Cadence up right off the ground. She was so funny to watch. She was more focused on staying on the ground than she was about hitting the fire.

Bladen & Tay liked watching sister fight the fire. And for some reason Bladen was attached to Taya's pink poodle leash the entire day. He's so funny.

It was a fun field trip & I loved being able to go. I love school!

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