Friday, November 5, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Saturday night was our ward's trunk or treat. We've never lived in such a huge ward before. It was CRAZY how many people were there. And the kids got a TON of loot trunk or treating to the cars. It was a TON of fun!

Everybody looked great & we got lots of nice compliments on our Toy Story theme. I felt SO huge in the potato head costume I made, but everyone loved it so that made it okay that I could hardly move. ha ha ha.

The first activity we did was the fishing booth. Each of the girls won some sticky hands that stick to everything (including hair. . . thank you Taya).

Then the girls competed with each other at the donut eating contest. Cadence & Lorien understood the concept & were HILARIOUS! Taya didn't care. . .she just wanted that donut. So she basically just grabbed it & ate it in 3 bites. Everybody was laughing hysterically at her. Lorien won.

After donuts we played a game of mini-golf & then did a bean bag toss in the primary room. Then each of the girls took turns winning yummy cupcakes at the cake walk. Then it was time for the costume parade & the actual trunk or treating.

They made out with all kinds of yummy candy! I've never seen so many trunks at a trunk or treat in my life. We bought 250 full size candy bars because we knew it would be huge, & we only had 3 left. CRAZY!! We had a ton of fun.

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