Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break Day 5 - FAVORITES DAY

For our FINAL day of Spring Break we had a FAVORITES DAY. This is always the kids' FAVORITE DAY of the week because they know they'll love everything we do. I put the word "FAVORITE" on the wall & let the kids each take turns picking a letter off. On the back of each letter was a FAVORITE ACTIVITY to do. Whoever picked that letter got to pick what we did exactly. They were SO EXCITED.

Lorien was the first one to pull a letter off our wall this morning. She picked the yellow "I" (which I knew she would). It said to do your FAVORITE ACTIVITY which of course is SWIMMING. So off to the pool we went straight after breakfast. The kids had a BLAST.

After swimming for OVER TWO HOURS, we went home, showered, got dressed AGAIN & were FINALLY ready for our day. I totally didn't plan on them wanting to swim for so long, but it's FAVORITE DAY so if that's what they wanted to do. . . then GREAT.

Taya pulled the "E" off the wall & it said to pick your favorite movie to watch together. Taya picked Barbie & a Mermaid Tale 2. It's brand new & our friend's let us borrow it. So we all cuddled on the couch & enjoyed an hour & a half of BARBIE. ha ha ha

By the time the movie was done, it was already past lunchtime & into nap time. We quickly made some lunches, ate, & got the little ones down for their naps. It was short naps again today so we could do more FAVORITE THINGS.

Bladen picked the letter "T" & on the back it said: Paint your nails your FAVORITE COLOR. Poor Bladen WOULD pick that one wouldn't he? He sat & watched as I painted the girls' nails. Cadence went for a rosy red, Lorien opted for gold & yellow (no surprise there), & Taya went for straight gold glitter. They looked adorable.

Cadence picked the letter "A" from our wall. It was time to do our FAVORITE PUZZLE. The kids really don't have a favorite puzzle, they just LOVE putting puzzles together period. So we got our biggest puzzle, a 100 piece princess puzzle, & put it together as a family.

After the puzzle it was snack time so we ate our FAVORITE SNACK: popsicles & ice cream sandwiches. Even I LOVED that.

It was Lorien's turn again & she picked the letter "R." It was time to read our FAVORITE BOOK. Lorien picked her favorite: Hop on Pop. The kids laughed & laughed. We all love Hop on Pop.

It was Taya's turn again. She was SO excited with the letter "V" turned out to be FAVORITE TOYS. I secretly bought each of them a new small toy (something inexpensive) & let them play with it for favorite toy time. They were SO excited they were SHAKING.

Both Bladen & Craiger got new cars to play with. Lorien got a pretty new Zooble unicorn & Taya got a little Tinkerbell polly pocket.

Cadence got a small Harry Potter Lego playset. She was in HEAVEN.

I didn't expect the kids to play with these new toys for OVER AN HOUR. It was getting late & we weren't going to be able to complete our last 2 favorite tasks: FAVORITE GAME & MAKE YOUR FAVORITE TREAT. It was okay. We had had a TON of fun.

Trek's car broke down so we all piled in & drove to Marina to pick him up & to jump his car. (Dumb cheap car) Once we got everyone home it was time for FAVORITE DINNER. We all wrote down our very favorite restaurant & food from that restaurant on pieces of paper. USUALLY when we do this, we wind up all over the place, but remarkably tonight there were only 2 restaurants written down. So we were off to Jersey's Subs & Taco Bell for FAVORITE FOODS.

Lorien & I opted for Jersey's Subs. They're a great little local sub shop in Seaside. We both got small sandwiches & I let Lorien get root beer & cheetos too. She was SO excited.

The rest of the gang was feeling Taco Bell tonight. Trek got a Doritos Taco & a Taco Salad, Cadence got a burrito, & the little ones each got a cheese roll up & a bowl of beans & cheese.

Then we took all our FAVORITE FOOD home to share it together as a family. This is our FAVORITE part. We share our food & let each other taste it, then we eat to our hearts content. It was a FABULOUS DAY.

Now I'm off for a good long winter's nap. Spring Break fun is done & so am I. ha ha ha.


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    1. Go for it. Thanks for giving me credit too & welcome to the blogger world. It's SO MUCH FUN.