Sunday, April 27, 2014

April's Fools

Everyone SMILE!!!

Who doesn't love a good April Fool's joke?  I snuck into the kids' rooms at 5am & drew mustaches on them with black markers.  Surprisingly only one of them woke up in the process & still doesn't remember it happening.  ha ha ha.  Sleep talking is hilarious!!!

They all thought it was hilarious. . . all but Bladen.  He was mad & refused to sit, listen, smile, or talk to us until that scary black line was off his face.  We were dying of laughter.  It was SO funny.  We washed his off & all was well in the world again.

Cadence tried to fool me as well with this letter taped to my front door.  I knew it was from her, but it was adorable & I love it.  I love that my kids get into holidays like I do.

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