Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vacation Day 4: Park Fun

Tylee, Pete, & Tuhk flew in late on Friday night so on Saturday morning, we felt like a whole family. It was great seeing everybody.  For Saturday we all decided to have a big picnic at a park followed by a good family hike.

The weather was gorgeous.  It was 87 degrees & the sun was shining.  Everything around us was green & beautiful.

There were trees for climbing so my kiddos (including my big kid - the husband) were in every tree they could possibly climb.

We danced to music, had snacks & drinks, played football & baseball, played on the playgrounds, & just had a blast together.

We ended with a big family hike.  It was a whole lot harder than we thought it was going to be & adding the kids to the picture made it even more of a struggle, but we made it quite far up the mountain & had a lot of fun doing it.

After our hike we went out to dinner & then headed home for some games, desserts, & more fun.  Trek & I even got to sneak away for a late night movie alone.  We went & saw Captain America & loved it.  It's been SO long since we've had a REAL date together.  It was fabulous.

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