Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vacation Day 5: Easter Sunday

Day 5 of our vacation was Easter Sunday.  The kids were SO excited to wake up & see what the Easter Bunny brought them.  The Easter Bunny knew we were in CA & brought just a couple things that the kids could eat while we were there & then added a few little trinkets to play with on the plane ride.  It was perfect.

Cadence's Basket

Lorien's Basket

Taya's Basket

Bladen's Basket
Craiger's Basket

Canyon's Basket

We also celebrated with a Potter Birthday Breakfast on Easter morning.  Bladen, Canyon, & Ella all have birthdays coming up so we had a big breakfast for everyone with cupcakes & candles.  They loved it.

After breakfast, the kids got to enjoy their Easter baskets a little more.  The boys got adorable chocolate Star Wars bunnies.  They were SUPER CUTE.

The girls loved all their little goodies & surprises.

After breakfast & basket time, we made our way upstairs to get the family ready to go to church.  We had a little bit of time before church started so we opened up our Easter baskets from Nancy.  Nancy is funny.  She has adopted our family as her own & always sends surprises for every holiday.  She's never done full on Easter baskets before.  It was a lot of fun.  It was like Easter morning twice for us. There were lots of fun things inside like stuffed animals, peeps, chocolate bunnies, & little toys.

Trek got a beautiful teal colored church shirts & tie.  I love the shirts she gets him.  They are always so beautiful.

I got a basket FULL FULL FULL of surprises.  There were chocolates, bath stuff, pedicure things, nail polish, candy, coral sandals, a teal & coral scarf, & much more.  I even got a TON of jewelry for Easter this year.  Nancy is a gemologist & she fully supplies my gem/jewelry collection & has for years.  I love it.  For Easter I got a pair of HUGE orchid amethyst earrings (at least 1.5 carats each), a chrome diopside & white quartz flower ring, a chrome diopside & fire opal pendant, 3 sets of pearl earrings, & 3 pearl bracelets.  Yes, I'm spoiled rotten.

Church was wonderful like usual.  When we got home from church, the rest of the family was at the house ready for some Easter dinner & Easter egg hunting fun.

Easter dinner was fabulous as always.  Opa & Oma always make the best food in the world.  I made the deviled eggs this year & they turned out pretty good too.  Everything tasted wonderful & we enjoyed the family time together.

After dinner it was time for the big Potter Family Egg Hunt!!!!

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