Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vacation: Day 1 - Movies & Play Places

When we arrived late that night Camp Potter was up & ready for us.

I love how Opa & Oma set up tents for each of the kids with welcome mats at the entrance & pillows, sleeping bags, & flashlights inside.  There's always a "present" when we first arrive & the kids loved their new t-shirts & jewelry.  We love 

We all slept like babies that first night.  The 3 hour time difference always takes a few days to get used to, but we did alright.  The first day of our trip we went out to see a movie as a family & then went to a fun bounce house to play.

We saw Rio 2 & the kids loved it.  We always love going to to the movie theater since we only go a couple times a year.  The kids LOVED watching a movie with their cousins & Opa & Oma.  Bladen played in the video arcade after the movie & was REALLY into the motorcycle game.  He's growing up so fast.  I just want him to stop!!!

After the movie we drove to a really fun bounce house place where both kids & adults get to play.  Bladen's favorite thing was this climbing game.  He is such a climber & made it almost to the very top.  None of his siblings could get as high as him & he even out climbed Trek.

Canyon spent most of his time exploring on his own.  He likes to crawl around & see things on his own these days.  He climbed into a few of the bouncy things, but didn't enjoy them as much as the big kids did.  But he still had a blast.

All of my kids loved the steep slides.  They would go up & down & up & down & up & down.  They convinced me to go a few times with them & holy cow. . . those slides are really up there & they go a lot faster than I thought they did.  I admit my heart may have raced a little bit my first time down.

Trek & I both LOVED challenging the kids to duels in the dueling rings.  Of course we show no mercy & totally win every time.  It was fun going up against each other too.  Trek always beat me, but it was fun making it a challenge for him.

We convinced Oma to take Ella up to the top of the big slide.  Once she got up there she realized she really didn't want to do it anymore. . . ha ha ha.

Trek blocked the way so she couldn't chicken out & go back down so she HAD to slide.

It was beyond HILARIOUS.  Ella liked it. . . Oma did not.

Canyon LOVED the slide.  My boys are just sliders.  They love slides & the bigger the slide is, the better it is.  They get that from their dad.

When we were tired of running, jumping, climbing, & sliding we checked out the quarter horse ride & let the kids have some fun.

And then we headed back home for a fabulous spaghetti dinner with homemade milkshakes.  Oh Opa, how I've missed your world famous chocolate-peanut butter milkshakes.  YUM.

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