Saturday, April 26, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Hooray for Green Day!!  We love St. Patrick's Day at our house.  I always put together a fun little treasure hunt for the kids to celebrate.

For breakfast there were Lucky Charms on the table with a note I wrote talking about a treasure to be found throughout the day.  The red piece of the rainbow was attached to the box as well.

The first clue told the kids to get dressed & ready for school just like normal & that they'd find the next clue doing something during their normal everyday routine.  Sure enough, when the girls came downstairs to practice piano, a nice little set-up of green accessories were waiting for them.

They all got green necklaces.  The boys got green pins & the girls got headbands/earrings to celebrate.  The orange rainbow piece was hiding on the piano as well so they added that to the red piece & read the clue.  The clue told them to go to school & that they would find their 3rd clue when they got home.

The rainbow piece & clue were on the front door when the girls got off the school bus.  It told them to do their homework & then go to a place where mommy cooks things.  Bladen found the next piece first inside the oven.

Inside the oven was a box of Fruit Loops & string to make rainbow necklaces.  They love these because it's a craft, snack, & activity all in one.  They had a blast.  On the clue it told them to make necklaces & then sit down ready for dinner.

For dinner we ate a giant fruit rainbow, green jello, andes mints, spinach ravioli (shaped like shamrocks) & green alfredo sauce.  OH!  And don't forget the green apple kool-aid.

As the kids were doing their dinner chores, Cadence found the next piece of the rainbow under the fruit platter.  That clue told us to finish up our chores & go to the living room for Family Home Evening.  We played games, had a spiritual lesson, sang songs, & enjoyed ourselves for 30 minutes.  Craiger was hanging out under the coffee table where he found the last piece of the rainbow with it's clue. 

The final clue led them to the boys' bedroom, under their bunk beds.  There the green treasure was hidden.

There were cookies, bubbles, some green duct tape, green gum, & a few other green tidbits for the kids to play with.  They loved it.

So Happy St. Patty's Day from the Potter house.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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