Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"It's Not Rocket Science," or Is It?

Cadence got the opportunity of a lifetime this summer.  After filling out what seemed like a ton of paperwork, she applied for the gifted rocket science program offered here in VA.  We knew it was a long shot. . . only 11 kids from our entire county got selected for the program & those 11 kids ranged in age from 9 to 13.  There was slim to no chance she'd get selected, but she did!!!  She was SO excited.

For two weeks she got to go by bus to "school" where she learned about rocketry, aviation, & the science involved.  It was all hands on science & she loved every second of it.  Class lasted 8 hours each day & she came home each night with new knowledge & life experience.  There was a fantastic field trip to an air & space museum & lots of hands on experiences dealing with rocket science.

The last day of camp, the families got to come & see everything the kids learned, researched (research papers), aviation timelines, & all the cool projects they created on their own.  Cadence was very proud to show off her projects.

First she showed us her glider. . . 

Then of course we had her really cool purple rocket.  She showed us how the parachute folded up inside the rocket to guarantee perfect landing conditions, & then she told us how it worked.

Her very favorite project was the hot air balloon.  Each kid made a 3 foot tall hot air balloon.  These were INCREDIBLE.  Just the seam work was a marvel.  No air could escape this balloon so it would float.  Hers was perfect.  It was SO NEAT to see it actually FLY up in the sky too.

They also made parachutes.  The seam work in these were equally impossible.  It was fun watching them be dropped from the ceilings.  Incredible work.

Cadence had a blast.  She's already begging me to apply for the program next year too.  Ugh. . . paperwork.  But it's worth it to see her learn & grow.

I'm proud of you my little rocket scientist.

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