Thursday, June 19, 2014

Carnival Fun with Auntie Tarrish

After visiting Richmond, we drove up an hour further to Spotsylvania, VA & met Tarrish at a HUGE mall there.  There was a carnival going on & we couldn't wait to play with the kids on all the rides.

The big girls begged Auntie Tarrish to take them on this fast spinning throw up ride.  Better her than me.  ha ha ha.  I used to love rides like this until I had kids.  For some reason they make me hurl now.  The girls had a BLAST.

Next everybody got on the Ferris Wheel.  Taya is scared to death of heights so I stayed with her on the ground while everyone else went up.  Craiger LOVED the Ferris Wheel.

Auntie spoiled the kids rotten with over 100 tickets to ride rides, eat treats, & play.

The only ride Canyon was able to ride was the carousel.  He was ADORABLE on it with his Auntie.


He got bored of sitting on his horse so he stood instead.

Craiger LOVES carousels.  They are his favorite rides.  He loved this.

We rode SEVERAL other rides like the fun house, spinning dragons, tilt a whirl, & all of us managed to go on the Gravitron (spinning spaceship) which was my favorite as a kid.  About 5 minutes in I realized I wasn't a kid anymore & wanted to puke.  We all came off that ride with pale faces ready to lose our lunch.  We still had a few tickets left so we did the teacups & called it a day.

After the fair we walked around the mall & enjoyed a nice dinner at a Mexican food restaurant there. Their food was delicious & the company was even better.

Thank you Tarrish for taking the time to come out & see us.  We miss our family back West SO much.  It was great seeing you.

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