Thursday, August 21, 2014

Did Someone Say Chocolate?

After my foot debacle, we made our way to Hershey, PA.  And what's in Hershey, PA?


Of course we had to stop at Hershey's Chocolate World.  The kids were SO excited.  I thought they were going to jump out of their skin when they realized everything in this area was CHOCOLATE.

The first thing we did was ride the factory ride where we learned how Hershey makes it's fabulous chocolates.  (They were a little excited.)

After the ride, we explored the store where we were completely surrounded by everything chocolate.

We even met up with a giant Hershey Kiss.  The boys were scared to death of this thing.  Bladen told me that since we eat Hershey Kisses that maybe the big Hershey Kiss wanted to eat us.  They wouldn't get near it with a 10 foot pole.  Trek & I were laughing hysterically at their logic.  Now while we're looking at the picture Bladen is asking me how a human got inside that Kiss.  He's SO funny.  He finally figured it out.

Cadence LOVES Hershey bars.  Look at this 5 pounder she found.

And I've always been a sucker for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  These puppies are a half pound each. If they weren't SO expensive I probably would have bought myself several.  Yum.

We let the kids choose one attraction at Chocolate World.  They all unanimously chose the 
"Create your Own Dessert"
bar.  The older girls chose ice cream & the 3 littles chose cookies.  They got to paint frosting onto their cookies, then go to the toppings bar & decorate them with all the Hershey goodness.  Cadence & Lorien got to use the toppings bar to create their own massive ice cream sundae.  Let's just say they were a little hyper from sugar the rest of the day.

As for Trek & I, we took a little side trip to the Hershey Bakery & picked out some goodies of our own.  Trek picked some Reese's Brownies . . .

And I got me a monster Reese's Peanut Butter cookie. . . which was AMAZING by the way.

Canyon knew what he wanted too.  He kept coming back to this display at the bakery & would point to the cookies.  Silly boy.

We had a blast playing & shopping through a world filled with chocolate.  It was a great start to our 3rd day!!!

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