Friday, August 22, 2014

The Philadelphia Zoo

Thursday was the day the kids had been waiting for for MONTHS.  They LOVE zoos.  It's funny because Craiger & Canyon have never been to a zoo before & Bladen hasn't been to a zoo since he was a baby about Canyon's age.  They were SO excited they couldn't hold still.

It wound up being cheaper to buy a family year pass to the zoo than it was to buy individual tickets for one day so now we have a year pass to the Philly Zoo if we're ever back there again.  It also works at the Norfolk Zoo.  Wahoo for lots of zoo time this year.

Canyon was absolutely hilarious at the zoo.  He had never seen animals MOVE before.  Poor sheltered kid just isn't around animals so he just didn't know.  He was so fascinated.


Bladen waited all day long to see his alligator.  He loves alligators & couldn't wait to see one in person.  He was one happy boy after that.

Taya found a huge snapping turtle that LOVED her.  It was giving her tons of kisses through the glass.

Aaaah!  Snakes!

There was a little petting zoo where the kids could pet all the farm animals.  Canyon was SO excited to pet them. . .

Until he realized they were alive & could move.  Then he was scared out of his mind & cried for the rest of the afternoon.

All the kids were excited to see the big lion.

(See the lion behind him under the tree branches?)

The two leopards were beautiful.

Bladen was hilarious.  He found this snake & couldn't figure out whether it was a real snake or a statue snake in the ground.  He was too scared to touch it to find out for sure.  His big sisters touched it for him & he jumped out of his skin when they pretended it bit them.  ha ha ha.  Just a statue.  What mean sisters.

The kids loved the bald eagles too.

Craiger was completely fascinated with these monkeys.  They looked like skunks so he was confused.  Was it a monkey or a skunk?  MONKEY.  He still thinks they were skunks.

Lorien had fun at the hippo habitat.

And Canyon was beyond amazed at the giraffe & his long long neck.  He kept pointed & shouting at the giraffe.  He wanted to make sure we saw it too.

Next he found a bear & did everything he possibly could to climb inside the cage so he could touch it.  Little imp.  He was NOT happy when we wouldn't let him climb in.

Bear fun.

Lorien's favorite animals are penguins so of course we had to see the penguins there.

We had a blast at the zoo.  The kids loved it & can't wait to see what animals we have at the Norfolk Zoo now that we have a year pass for it.

 Hooray for Animals!

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